At Land Transport Office in Kobe

According to aging, the opportunity to make myself excited has been reduced recently, in such a circumstance, a periodical my car inspection in every two years by the Author is only one for me. But today, my Caldina has passed the Exam without any problem with no excited scenary at Kobe Land Transport Office in Hyogo.

Thanks to my desperate effort by myself for the replacement of Motor mount parts in Caldina the other day, the riding comfort has been remarkably improved and attained like a new car, this is why I have determined to continue 15 years used AZT 241W. No emergency torch checking was done on the testing line, though I borrowed that piece for Honda Step Wagon newly obtained by my son the other day.

The Weight Tax system as a temporary measure introduced tens years ago is still now lasting with highest payment in the payment item, 34,200 yen, how come? The Authority has some tendency not to stop collection of the money once decided.

Anyway, I should continue this Caldina without any accident for 2 years from today, the life of the brush part in the Dynamometer would last more 20,000 km and that of the starter motor would do the same.